Pixel People are handmade by Malcolm Hicks, age 11, to raise money for Toy Mountain toys.
Over $4800 raised since 2012!


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Terra lives on an ecologically sustainable, fair-trade, organic, bamboo farm that also makes sandals and yoga products.


Pixel People are handmade in Ottawa, Canada by Malcolm Hicks, 10. Every Pixel Person is unique - over 2,000,0000 combinations - and individually named on a handwritten card.

All proceeds from Pixel People sales are donated to Toy Mountain—over $3800 raised since 2012!


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Malcolm on Majic 100 with Stuntman Stu

It's the last week for this year's Pixel People. On Tuesday Malcolm was on the Majic 100 Morning Show talking with Stuntman Stu about his efforts to raise money for...

Malcolm on CTV Ottawa on Pixel People Progress for 2014

Malcolm appeared on CTV Ottawa Morning Live to talk about Pixel People and raising money for Toy Mountain. Watch the clip:  

Pixel People—Boxing Week

Toy Mountain is over and we're happy to have had your support to raise $1833 for toys.   But we've still got almost 120 Pixel People in stock and while...